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Pip Masterson

PIP MASTERSON is an experienced executive with a background in the SME/SMME and start-up business support and mentorship space, who is currently providing services to 12 clients.

Experience: Self-employed since 1997. Previously with AECI Ltd for 23 years. Personal CEO Mentorship to over 60 Mentees.

Education & Accreditations: BSc (Applied Chemistry), BSc (Hons) (Analytical Chemistry), WBS Executive Development Program, Hay Management Practitioner, Fellow of the Institute of Independent Business International (accredited since 2004), Accredited C7C Business Advisor 2015.

Skills & Core Competencies: Cross-cultural, Business Development and Role-clarification expertise, export marketing (Arab Gulf, Caribbean, Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa), Mentorship Programme design and co-ordination.

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