Great advisors can make your business

Scott Belsky talked with a handful of thought leaders about how to find, and manage, great business advisors. He came to these conclusions …

No matter how ambitious or talented we may be, we all have our blind spots – certain obstacles or hard realities that we fail to anticipate. Which is why we all need some sound advice from time to time. To get it, we must engage the right advisors along the way.

Perhaps because of their necessity, we’re prone to throwing around the term “Advisor” much too loosely. Many entrepreneurs assemble a board of advisors and then have no idea what to do with them. Similarly, industry veterans agree to advise businesses without any clear sense of responsibility.

An “advisorship” is much more than a mentorship. It is a relationship between a business and a third party who has a specific value to add. There is an implied sense of expectation and reward. Just as an advisor must invest his or her time to serve the business, the business must invest time into the relationship. But what makes for a really great advisorship?

How to engage great business advisors



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