Considerable Common Sense No. 7

Deciding decisively – Part One In recent months, I have embarked on some fascinating discussions about how we make decisions and possible reasons for why we do not. When considering the matter in the context of commerce and business, it seems that most, if not all, of the business people with whom I have [...]

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What architects do – Part 3

What value does an architect provide during the construction process? As the expert in this field, your architect will oversee the construction of the building on your behalf. You do not have to worry about the project, as your architect and his consultant team do that for you. You will be invited to “site [...]

What architects do – Part 3 2018-06-17T13:51:12+02:00

People and Productivity No. 3

Managing performance the right way As discussed with you last time, people productivity is usually about having the basics right. We mentioned 8 keys and I have ordered them in priority. PRIORITY 1 is to pick the right people. PRIORITY 2 is to train them right. In this article, I will jump right down to Priority [...]

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