Business Moving Forward in 2018

2018: Business Moving from Readjustment to Response Cathy Engelbert, CEO at Deloitte If 2017 was the year of readjustment brought on by speed and change in business, 2018 will be the year of sensing the shifts and responding with a way forward for the future. It is time to confront the hard [...]

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Considerable Common Sense No. 3

Have a Plan for Everything Not long ago, I was listening to Richard Pike* talk about his life and the events that unfolded after a horrific road accident left him with life-changing injuries. It is a profoundly affecting story. Injuries to his lower back changed his future. We listened to how he underwent numerous operations [...]

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The strategic narrative

Reactive mode predominates amongst Gauteng mid-size manufacturers Strategic planning is key Recent visits with the CEOs of mid-sized manufacturing companies in Gauteng revealed some startling responses: Despite the poor economic conditions, all the companies were still in existence, albeit at a lower intensity and slower pace than in the past. Most companies were not applying [...]

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