Talk to the right people at the right time

At a recent OpenCappuccino (one of Open Circle’s weekly breakfasts), there was a conversation with an architect, about the work of architects. We were exploring the value of what they offer.

Besides the obvious professional skills, the focus quickly fell on the value of speaking to architects before having even the first conversation with property managers or agents in anticipation of changing premises. It seems that all too often, a cost avoidance mentality brings architects into the project after the lease has been signed – and the inadequacies of the new premises now need to be rendered suitable. The exaggerated cost penalty becomes unavoidable. As you read this, you are probably saying to yourself, “Of course, how stupid is that!”

My long departed Grandma was a repository of epithets and homespun wisdom. As a child, I remember her telling me, “A stitch in time, saves nine”. I am sure you have heard it too.

More recently, when doing some home-improvements, I asked the plumber, “What type of paint should be used on the bathroom ceiling?” He said, without hesitation, “Ask the paint specialist.”

Now if I draw all of the above together, including the mesmerising diagram, what is the point I am making?
• Talk to the right people at the right time
• Trust professional advice to simplify the task
• Pay a little early to avoid paying a lot later
• Learn from every experience – but don’t make every experience a lesson
• Listen to your Grandmother
• Do not try to know everything
• Avoid complex diagrams.

Now surely in there somewhere, there is some CONSIDERABLE COMMON SENSE?

Pip Masterson

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