The right partners will help you realise your vision

Having the right partners will help you gain momentum and realise your vision. The moment you partner with somebody, you can access new resources – the other person’s knowledge, experience, influence and potential.
John C Maxwell says that no one climbs a mountain without preparation, hard work and a crystal-clear picture of what it’ll take to survive the trek and reach the top.

When you are already achieving at a highly effective level, you don’t gain a great increase by improving yourself because you can grow only a certain amount. Instead, you gain it by partnering or connecting with other capable people who bring something different to the table.

When seeking partners, don’t choose people based on what they say they can do or what they did in the past.Choose based on their regular behaviours. That’s how you know what they really value.Too often our choices are made by what we think we could or should do, rather than what we usually do.

To find like-valued people, you need to know what you’re looking for. Think about the values most important to you for making a difference in the lives of others. As a starting point, look for a person who embodies these 12 qualities:

1.  Thinks about others first

2.  Thinks bigger than self

3.  Has a passion that’s contagious

4.  Offers complementary skills

5.  Is great at support

6.  Possesses a can-do spirit

7.  Has an expanded influence

8.  Holds an activist mind-set

9.  Is a proven ladder builder

10. Stands out from the crowd

11. Creates teamwork

12. Makes a difference.

Remember – great partnerships make you better than you are.

Great partnerships …

  • Multiply your values
  • Enable you to do what you do best
  • Allow you to help others to do their best
  • Give you more time
  • Help you fulfil the desires of your heart
  • Compound your vision and effort.


Paul Whalley

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