Alfons Mauchle

ALFONS MAUCHLE is a global Business Development Executive with an engineering manufacturing background in the automotive industry. Works with a wide variety of businesses, from top accounting firms to medium sized family businesses in a wide range of sectors. Also works closely with Switzerland Global Enterprise and FindBrazil.

Experience: Wide experience in developing business strategy, coupled with global business development. Experienced in the automotive and engineering sector, with general experience in a wide variety of other sectors including IT, food, electronics, retail, oil and gas, financial, services, outsourcing and more.

Education & Accreditations: BSc (Elect) Eng, MBA (Wits), Dipl Int Financial Management, Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business, MSAIEE, Official Expert of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Director of FindBrazil.

Skills & Core Competencies: Able to transform any business to achieve its desired vision. His business strategy skills and excellent financial background in manufacturing and costing have helped to broaden the base for many.


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